Reverie at Preservatif Exhibition

REVERIE is a work of material poetry. An installation of devised and re-constituted objects, the piece is composed of inherited tool & die bits, latex, wax, chalk and paper.  Closer to size, closer to section, closer to straight, closer to smooth…

Preservatif is a group show curated by Niki Johnson featuring artworks by 23 artists from throughout the United States, including art pieces ranging from installations to jewelry, photographs to large scale sculpture, performance art to couture fashion. All of the work has been made in resonse to a large donation of (expired) condoms. 

Preservatif will be open for public viewing at Stockholm, a new event space located inside the Fortress Building, a former part of the Schlitz Brewing complex, which now is home to several small businesses and artist studios.

The Fortress Building
100 E Pleasant St., Suite 4S1
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Please see the calendar for gallery hours and events. Opening on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2014. Milwaukee, WI