Creating Dance Through Structured Improvisation

I am thrilled to, once again, teach the Creating Dance Through Structured Improvisation course for the UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies. 

This 12-week course familiarizes students with various approaches for developing creative movement in the moment. This is not a space for creating or following choreography, but rather a creative environment and community, within which we experience the joy of your own authentic dance movements. Students become more comfortable with initiating, sharing, following, joining, leaving and, more generally, they gain confidence in their own creative expression. The course utilizes the knowledge from the practices of Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement and other somatic praxis within a Modern Dance context. 

Read more about a partial history of the course in ELLEN MOORE AND THE GROUND OF BEING, an essay by Miriam Hall for the Wisconsin Academy of Arts & Sciences. 


The Studio: UW-Madison's Creative Arts & Design Community


A large part of my own creative practice over the past few years has involved working as the Program Coordinator for The Studio, UW-Madison's Creative Arts & Design Community. The Studio is a residential learning community in the heart of the UW-Madison Campus. Together with Faculty Director John Hitchcock, in partnership with the Arts Institute and the Division of University Housing, we welcome a new group of 64 residents each fall, including the incoming cohort of the First Wave Hip Hop Scholars program. Read more about The Studio at our newly created website or watch a video about the program, here:

The Studio: Creative Arts & Design Community from UW–Madison Arts on Campus