The ASYLUM soundscape will be installed from April 20th-May 11th at the pedestrian/bike passageway under E. Johnson Street along the Yahara river at the mouth of Tenney Park in Madison, Wisconsin. A, the project comes out of an ongoing collaboration with Megan Katz

The inspiration for the piece is the dramatic sound of rain abruptly stopping and starting again when you drive under a bridge during a rainstorm.  The silence marks the passage under the bridge and back out into the world; it is an auditory experience that draws attention to a brief moment of transition that might otherwise go unnoticed.  In the same way, we use sound to bring attention to the moment of passage through the tunnel at Tenney Park.  Our piece uses abstracted recordings collected from the space combined with snippets of song and the sounds of pouring rain to create a world where the boundaries between real and imagined are no longer clear.

Like many myk.mak projects, the piece is immersive, layered and multi-sensory.  For more information visit

Read more about Asylum in this April 11th article in Wisconsin State Journal by Gayle Warland.


Upcoming Events

Spring 2014

I will perform as part of Collette Stewart's MFA Dance show to be held in the Olin Park Pavilion in Madison, Wisconsin on Thursday, May 15th. Please check back soon for more information. 

Summer 2014

This summer, I will take part in the Scribus 18 Residency at ArtFunkl in Manchester, United Kingdom. I am looking forward to re-connecting with family in Scotland and using the 5 week-long residency to dive in to a new body of work (made up of writing/ movement and video art). 

Winter 2014

I will share a new text piece as part of Preservatif, a group show curated by Niki Johnson in December of this year. Preservatif will include artworks that range from installations to jewelry, photographs to large scale sculpture, performance art to couture fashion from a range of talented artists from throughout the United States. Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Winter 2014). All of the work has been made in resonse to a large donation of (expired) condoms. 

Early 2015

I am happy to share the looping video, Lili & Grady once again, this time as part of the Niki Johnson curated show, Engendered at the  Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, located in the Third Ward of Milwaukee’s historic gallery district, from January 15th thru March 7th, 2015.