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Palimpsest at Bookless (2012)

A work by Marina Kelly (MyK) and Megan Katz (MaK). Sound score by Chris Schoen. This site-responsive five-channel video work was made specifically for the empty downtown Madison Public Library. 

The work builds on the archive-mining strategies the artist Christian Marclay (The Clock) and features five looping videos, projected floor-to-ceiling on all sides of the room, intricately choreographed to relate and respond to one another. The loops are composed of hundreds of clips extracted from commercially-released films that feature scenes with librarians and libraries.  Features of the space--cubicle dividers, window curtains and a service window--were used to build texture and layer the viewing experience, bringing a sculptural quality to the projections. Like a public library, the installation functioned as a gathering space where people felt comfortable engaging in their own conversations and activities.