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GOING (après Waiting)

GOING (après Waiting) features the artist and audiences of one participating in a poetic performance stroll. The piece was included in Spatula & Barcode's Café Allongé in Montreal, Canada (2012) and in Madison, Wisconsin as part of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art's Triennial Exhibition (2013-2014). 

In Montreal, participants met the artist at Cafe Myriade. In Madison, we met at  Coffee House. They donned auditory devices (allowing the artist to speak through a wireless microphone-with the audio projected to the participants' wireless headpones).

GOING (après Waiting) takes it’s inspiration from Faith Wilding’s 1972 monologue “Waiting”. Born one year after Wilding’s performance of Waiting, the artist crafted a performance that keeps in step with Wildings pacing, meanwhile denying the female life lived in waiting. 

View a full listing of the Café Allongé performances in Madison, Wisconsin, here. Read comments by audience members of the Café Allongé series here.  Watch a photo slideshow featuring Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson, aka "Spatula & Barcode" in the Wisconsin State Journal.