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Here Now with Sally Gross

I am proud to have taken part in the production of Douglas Rosenberg's recent film, Here Now with Sally Gross, having contributed camerawork and production assistance. The film screened as part of the Dance Films Association's Dance on Camera Festival in New York in February, 2015.

Here Now with Sally Gross
Douglas Rosenberg, USA, 2014, 46m
February 3, 2015
Co-presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and Dance Films Association

Here Now with Sally Gross documents the achievements of dynamic New York choreographer Sally Gross as she creates a site-specific work with a group of students for an exhibition by the renowned digital artist Leo Villareal. An original member of the Judson Dance Theater in the 1960s, Gross remains a powerful presence as she engages with her young performers and reflects on her enduring career in dance. New York Premiere