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The ASYLUM soundscape was installed from April -May, 2014 in Madison, Wisconsin (at the pedestrian/bike passageway under E. Johnson Street along the Yahara river at the mouth of Tenney Park). 

The inspiration for the piece was the dramatic sound of rain abruptly stopping and starting again when you drive under a bridge during a rainstorm.  The silence marks the passage under the bridge and back out into the world; it is an auditory experience that draws attention to a brief moment of transition that might otherwise go unnoticed.  In the same way, we use sound to bring attention to the moment of passage through the pedestrian/ bike tunnel.  The work used abstracted recordings collected from the space combined with snippets of song and the sounds of pouring rain to create a world where the boundaries between real and imagined were no longer clear.

Read more about Asylum in this  article in Wisconsin State Journal by Gayle Warland or read an interview with the artists and listen to excerpts from the soundscape on the Spackle blog.