Here Now with Sally Gross

I am proud to have taken part in the production of Douglas Rosenberg's recent film, Here Now with Sally Gross, having contributed camerawork and production assistance. The film screened as part of the Dance Films Association's Dance on Camera Festival in New York in February, 2015.

Here Now with Sally Gross
Douglas Rosenberg, USA, 2014, 46m
February 3, 2015
Co-presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and Dance Films Association

Here Now with Sally Gross documents the achievements of dynamic New York choreographer Sally Gross as she creates a site-specific work with a group of students for an exhibition by the renowned digital artist Leo Villareal. An original member of the Judson Dance Theater in the 1960s, Gross remains a powerful presence as she engages with her young performers and reflects on her enduring career in dance. New York Premiere



The ASYLUM soundscape was installed from April -May, 2014 in Madison, Wisconsin (at the pedestrian/bike passageway under E. Johnson Street along the Yahara river at the mouth of Tenney Park). 

The inspiration for the piece was the dramatic sound of rain abruptly stopping and starting again when you drive under a bridge during a rainstorm.  The silence marks the passage under the bridge and back out into the world; it is an auditory experience that draws attention to a brief moment of transition that might otherwise go unnoticed.  In the same way, we use sound to bring attention to the moment of passage through the pedestrian/ bike tunnel.  The work used abstracted recordings collected from the space combined with snippets of song and the sounds of pouring rain to create a world where the boundaries between real and imagined were no longer clear.

Read more about Asylum in this  article in Wisconsin State Journal by Gayle Warland or read an interview with the artists and listen to excerpts from the soundscape on the Spackle blog. 


Reverie at Preservatif Exhibition

REVERIE is a work of material poetry. An installation of devised and re-constituted objects, the piece is composed of inherited tool & die bits, latex, wax, chalk and paper.  Closer to size, closer to section, closer to straight, closer to smooth…

Preservatif was a group show curated by Niki Johnson featuring artworks by 23 artists from throughout the United States, including art pieces ranging from installations to jewelry, photographs to large scale sculpture and couture fashion. All of the work was made in response to a large donation of (expired) condoms. 

Preservatif was open for public viewing at Stockholm, a new event space located inside the Fortress Building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the first week of December, 2014.  


farmwork: a retrospective 

Curated by Marina Kelly & Megan Katz

Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, Wisconsin (April 15-June 30, 2013).

For the past eight years, visual artist Douglas Rosenberg and choreographer Li Chiao-Ping have opened their home, land, garden and studio in Oregon, WI to an annual gathering of artists, dancers, writers, musicians and creative people of all kinds.  

Called Farmwork, these yearly retreats are open to anyone who wants to participate in periods of localized, spontaneous collaboration.  Farming is the working metaphor for an approach to art-making that is directly connected to the land on which it’s made, and the people who are present.  It is seasonal, local, and based in ideas about community and collaboration.  

Inspired by people like Allan Kaprow and Lucy Lippard, and spaces such as Black Mountain College, Farmwork is rooted in the idea that Art and Life can be one and the same, a hybrid practice. Together we make food, practice yoga, take walks, talk, laugh, move, draw, write, play, climb, explore, dig and build.  We make fires, stage performances, record sounds, make music, and share ideas.  Along the way we photograph and document, imagine and remember. Read more about Farmwork. 

FARMWORK: A RETROSPECTIVE exhibited photo documentation alongside video and photography works taken by Farmwork participants. Marina Kelly & Megan Katz (myk mak) premiered an 8 channel synchronized video installation for the Farmwork exhibition alongside a 36' long light box, featuring over 100 photographic transparencies carefully curated from the first 8 years of Farmwork.


Shenk's Corners Laundromat (2009-2013)

A collaborative installation work with Trina Smith. We conducted audio interviews with patrons of the Shencks Corner's Coin-Op Laundromat on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin.  Excerpts from these interviews were used to form bright fabric panels of text, which were then incorporated into huge swaths of fabric wall coverings.  

This remediation of the space continued via impromptu resident contributions (one user attached a peace patch with tiny safety pins and others wrote directly on the fabric, sharing stories form their many hours at the laundromat). 

Special thanks to Mark and Donna Lessner, owners of the Shenk's Corners Laundromat.